Director's Message



Welcome to the American Academy School


I welcome you to the American Academy School in Qatar.  It is the commitment of our educational institution to provide to our students as enriching and stimulating daily learning experience at a level of recognized quality.  We firmly believe that every student has a potential for excellence that we can find and foster.  In fact, our programs and approaches reflect this explicit commitment.


The American Academy School philosophy, programs and methodology aim to develop each student’s thinking skills, life-long learning habits, sound knowledge and technological aptitudes whilst developing a lasting sense of social responsibility, self-confidence, leadership and citizenship.


At American Academy School, we emphasize the value of the individual in an environment where each student rejoices in the differences in the interchanges.  Our outstanding faculty and our students know how to work happily and successfully together in a multicultural environment.


Education is important.  And we believe that sound education should rely on an ethical and humanistic basis.  Based on these values, our curriculum emphasis on communication, information technology and world awareness seeks to ensure that students take their personal qualities and knowledge in a world more challenging and competitive than ever.



Safwan Mohammed Al Faqih