Mission and Vision




The American Academy School was founded in 2000 and is under the supervision and guidance of the Supreme Council. It follows internationally enriched American curriculum, serving a multicultural student body. It comprises of Kindergarten, Primary, Junior High and High School.



Our goal is to create a nurturing, learning, safe environment where all students can enjoy learning and succeed. We believe that all children can make it when faculty and families work together to maximize every students’ academic and personal potential. Guided by respect, responsibility, accountability, and the promotion of life-long learning, the American Academy honors the special gift in every child and reaches out to all kinds of students to ensure that all succeed.



To meet modern education standards and to enforce the highest moral values aiming at developing students’ potential through different teaching methods that help them acquire self-confidence and individuality in a multi-cultural environment.

Our Values

Honesty; Respect; Gratitude; Compassion; Responsibility


At American Academy School, we endeavor to instill good values to every child. The true worth of a person is based on the virtues he/she possesses.


Honesty: Students should know that they should be truthful to themselves and others. Students display honesty by doing their homework, completing their projects and assignments in the stipulated time.


Respect: It is important that students know to respect others irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, color, race, opinion and lifestyle. They should learn to treat others the way they want to be treated.


Gratitude: Students should know the good things that happen to them and not take anything for granted. Showing appreciation to others, being thankful to others goes a long way to be good human beings.


Compassion: American Academy School students need to be compassionate to the needs of others. Students can display compassion by helping the new student feel welcome, by respecting the opinions and ideas of others. Students can display compassion by helping a classmate understand the homework - not allowing the classmate to copy the work, but by explaining the work so s/he is better able to succeed on the test or quiz.


Responsibility: Every student takes ownership for their behavior, asks for help when needed and helps others in need. Students take the responsibility to come to school on time, be organized and be prepared to learn.

It is very important that every American Academy School student and staff member adheres and displays the American Academy School values on a regular basis. This will ensure a positive and a healthy climate in school.