School Timing



School Timi: Morning assembly starts at 7:00AM.  All students are required to attend. 

Students should be in school before 7:15AM or they will be sent home.  Please ensure that your child arrives on time and is collected on time at the end of the day.

Grades 1 - 4     :     7:15AM to 1:30PM

Grades 5 - 7     :     7:15AM to 1:40PM

Grades 8 - 12   :     7:15AM to 1:45PM

Please note that the gate will be open at 6:30AM.

Assemblies are held every morning at 7:00AM.  It is mandatory for every student to attend the assembly.  During assembly important information is conveyed; rewards for good behavior and good work are announced; merit certificates are given out.

End of the Day procedure (Sunday to Wednesday):

Students will be dismissed from classes at:

Grades 1 to 4     :     1:30PM

Grades 5 to 7     :     1:40PM

Grades 8 to 12   :     1:45PM

End of the Day procedure (Every Thursday):

Grades 1 to 4     :     12:00PM

Grades 5 to 7     :     12:05PM

Grades 8 to 12   :     12:10PM


Please ensure that your children are picked up on time.  

Grades 1 to 3 students will stay in their class where the parents will pick them up between 1:30PM untill 2:00PM. 

After 2:00PM the students will be in the library under the supervision of school staff .  By 2:10PM the students should have left the school premises (exception: detention, after school work).  The school will not be responsible for the tardiness of the parents or the safety of the students after 2:10PM.